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All Types of Landscaping Services

Commercial Services

Commercial landscape design should reflect the overall vision of the project. Whether it’s a building, mixed-used retail, hospital, or commercial installation, the commercial landscape design truly begins after AgriCare understands the parameters, goals and needs of the project.

Seasonal Color

Our Seasonal Maintenance Program provides ongoing maintenance, all season long.  We start In the spring by cleaning up your flowerbeds of winter debris and dry vegetation, cultivate your flowerbed soil and re-define the edges. 

Residential Lawns

 If maintaining your landscape is not part of your plan, we provide services that ensure your plants grow and thrive with our annual maintenance program. You can rest assured your investment will be well cared for from the time it is planted to full maturity.

Turf Management

We know Florida lawns. Our first step is to assess the needs of the unique ecosystem that is your lawn. We partner with one of North Florida’s best Lawn & Pest Control companies. They use environmentally-friendly techniques and products to give you the healthiest lawn possible.

Design & Installation

When it comes to your home, you want to live in a style that is all your own, which should extend to the exterior. So why settle for landscape design that looks like the neighbors? When you choose AgriCare, you are choosing to reflect your own personality outside your property. 


We offer basic sprinkler repair services and partner with local sprinkler companies when you need to look at a full installation.

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