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The AgriCare Story

“Started in 1982 by Rick and Frances Beaver, Landscape Design & Services, Inc. (the original name) was a two-person, one truck operation. The goal was to provide quality lawn care services to residential properties in the Jacksonville area. Over the years we grew the business adding trucks and qualified trained employees.

I fondly remember the day I purchased our first large riding mower. A Grasshopper brand with a 52” cutting deck. Dylan, our first born was 6 months old and he got the first ride on the mower.


Twenty-three years later under the new name AgriCare we had 55+ employees, 12 full time-4 man mowing crews, a full-time irrigation repair crew and 2 full time remediation crews. AgriCare was acquired in 2003 by a major landscape company from the Northeast. I continued in the transition and over the next two years opened offices in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, and then I left the industry in 2007 to pursue other interests.


Dylan worked many a summer in the business and gained valuable experience to help him today as he resurrects the AgriCare name in the Jacksonville market. I look forward to working with him in an industry that is clean, healthy, and fun.”    – Rick Beaver

“Since I was young, I can remember the smell of fresh cut grass while riding along with my father’s lawn care company. That smell is what brought me back after traveling with an environmental engineering company for seven years up and down the east coast. I then decided that corporate life wasn’t for me and retraced my roots back to lawn care in Jacksonville. I started off helping my neighbors take care of their lawns and flower beds. In the first month there were six lawns I maintained with a push mower and house hold equipment. After two months passed, there were thirty lawns requiring my attention to detail and most importantly, dependability. The goal is to provide a professional service, at a competitive price, with the client in mind and improving overall environmental appeal.


A team accomplishes faster and more often. After graduating from FSU in 2009, I took a job that allowed me to travel to Baltimore, DC, Fairfax, Raleigh and various cities throughout Florida for eight years. I’ve learned through Engineering firms and construction companies that one bad link in the chain slows progress. In order to do the job properly and on time, all must work together towards one goal. Ensuring the job is done properly the first time and the client is happy.


The system used by AgriCare implies time management and best practices efficiency to keep the costs minimal to the client as well as exceeding their expectations. This system is easily passed from employee to employee. This system used by our team is a crucial aspect to the company.”  – Dylan Beaver

Client Testimonials

Dylan is like clockwork. He comes every Thursday and does a great job. Cleans up when done and my home looks great.

Ross Ghioto, Neptune Beach

My wife and I started using AgriCare last year. Our yard was not in very good shape. We have seen our yard go from one of the worst in the neighborhood to one of the best.

John & Betsy, Red Hawk

Dylan took over my commercial property when it was in bad shape. He has transformed the grounds and made it one of the best in the area. He has renovated several of the plant beds and installed flowers and shrubs. He has a great eye. Very glad I found AgriCare.


The Yerba Mate Company

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